British Museum (detalhes)
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10 destaques do Museu Britânico em Londres

The British Museum is one of the most visited attractions in the UK with a permanent collection of over 8 million items spanning over 2 million years of human history. As well as being the oldest national museum in the world it is also the largest museum in the UK... Continue reading 10 destaques do Museu Britânico em Londres

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Edinburgh, 3-day trip to Scotland's capital city

When my birthday date comes around, you can be sure to find me planning a trip. That is always my gift to myself. In the case of this trip to Scotland, I had about 4 days holiday to take from work but money was tight. I kept looking for places here in... Continue reading Edimburgo, roteiro de 3 dias na capital da Escócia

Túmulo de Humayun em Deli
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3 dias em Deli: dicas, atrações, restaurantes e mais!

Tem uma frase que diz "Não é você quem escolhe quando ir para a Índia. É ela quem te escolhe." Eu tive a sorte grande de ter sido escolhida por ela. Passei anos sonhando com essa viagem, pois a Índia é um país que sempre me despertou muito interesse. A ocasião da minha viagem não… Continue reading 3 dias em Deli: dicas, atrações, restaurantes e mais!

Quay of the Rosary
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1 day in Bruges: travel tips, top attractions and more!

If I had to choose an European city that is romantic, charming and full of history, Bruges would be at the top of my list. So much that I've already visited it twice and can't wait to go again. In today's post I will tell you how it was... Continue reading 1 dia em Bruges: dicas de viagem, principais atrações e mais!

Header do post 3 dias em Marraquexe
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3 dias em Marraquexe: dicas, atrações, restaurantes e mais!

Contrary to what many people think and despite being the most visited destination, Marrakech is not the capital of Morocco. No doubt it is one of the most fascinating places in the world, for its culture, its cuisine, its architecture and its people. In today's post I share with you all the details of my itinerary... Continue reading 3 dias em Marraquexe: dicas, atrações, restaurantes e mais!

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Backpacking in Singapore: travelling on a budget

I arrived in Singapore dying to take a dip in that wonderful infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. I imagined myself drinking a cocktail on one of the most famous and photographed terraces in the world. Then I remembered that I was backpacking through Asia and that my budget didn't include 300 pounds for 1 day accommodation... Continue reading Mochilão em Singapura: conhecendo o país com pouco dinheiro