TAILÂNDIA: lugares, roteiros e dicas

Koh Phi Phi, famous island in Thailand of the movie 'The Beach'

Koh Phi Phi islands are probably the most popular and most visited islands in Thailand. One of them became world famous after being the setting for the movie The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio. Nowadays, thousands and thousands of tourists visit this island every year looking for a... Continue reading Koh Phi Phi, famosa ilha da ‘A Praia’ na Tailândia

My experience at an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai

When I went to Thailand for the first time I saw elephants in the tourist city of Krabi, carrying tourists on their backs, being beaten and mistreated. The second time I visited the country, I wanted to have contact with these animals but I wanted it to be in the least invasive way possible. If there is such a thing. I... Continue reading Santuário de elefantes em Chiang Mai na Tailândia

Templo Wat Chedi Luang, Tailândia

Chiang Mai, a city not to be missed in northern Thailand

Whenever I'm asked what is my favourite country of all the countries I've been to, I don't think twice to say: Thailand. It was love at first sight. Of all the cities I visited in Thailand, the charming Chiang Mai is one of my favorites. I usually say that I don't like to stay in... Continue reading Chiang Mai, cidade imperdível no norte da Tailândia

Tigre adulto no Tiger Kingdom em Chiang Mai na Tailândia

Tiger Kingdom, the truth about seeing tigers in Thailand

The Tiger Kingdom, for those who do not know, is a tiger zoo in Thailand that divides many opinions. I went to visit the one north of Chiang Mai in the Mae Rim district. There is another Tiger Kingdom of the same chain which is in Phuket. My friends and I shared a taxi... Continue reading Tiger Kingdom, a verdade sobre ver tigres na Tailândia

Khao Lak, a small village on the coast of Thailand

After a few months travelling through the countryside of Vietnam, Laos and northern Thailand it was finally time to continue the journey towards the paradise beaches that lie further south of the country. After so much time "swallowing" dust all I wanted in life was to go to the beach. So, due to the proximity with... Continue reading Khao Lak, uma pequena vila no litoral da Tailândia

Sunset Viewpoint, Koh Nang Yuan

Dicas de Koh Nang Yuan: como conhecer esse paraíso particular?

Na verdade, antes de viajar pra Tailândia eu não sabia da existência da pequena ilha de Koh Nang Yuan. Talvez já tivesse a visto em alguma foto do Instagram ou em algum site de viagem, mas não tinha pesquisado muito sobre e acabou que não a incluí no roteiro. Foi só quando cheguei em Koh… Continue reading Dicas de Koh Nang Yuan: como conhecer esse paraíso particular?