Asia, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay Cruise: my complete 2 day itinerary!

Vietnam is a country full of natural beauty. It has its huge rivers that cut through the country, enigmatic caves, incredible rock formations, beautiful mountains and much more. But it doesn't stop there. On top of that, here lies the stunning Ha Long Bay. In today's post I will tell you... Continue reading Cruzeiro na Ha Long Bay: meu roteiro de 2 dias completo!

Asia, Philippines

Manila, the chaotic capital of the Philippines

If there is a word that I found in the dictionary to describe Manila, the capital of the Philippines, I would say: chaos! Despite having spent only 2 days here, my stay was so intense that it is difficult to describe everything I saw, lived and felt in these 48 hours. I did a 6-month backpacking in... Continue reading Manila, a caótica capital das Filipinas

Asia, Thailand

Koh Phi Phi, famous island in Thailand of the movie 'The Beach'

Koh Phi Phi islands are probably the most popular and most visited islands in Thailand. One of them became world famous after being the setting for the movie The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio. Nowadays, thousands and thousands of tourists visit this island every year looking for a... Continue reading Koh Phi Phi, famosa ilha da ‘A Praia’ na Tailândia

Asia, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, what to see and do in Malaysia's capital

The first time I planned a trip to Asia, Thailand was already confirmed in my itinerary. But as I had 3 weeks of holiday and was going to travel to the other side of the world, I wanted to take the opportunity to include another Southeast Asian country in my itinerary. After researching... Continue reading Kuala Lumpur, dicas para o que ver e fazer na capital da Malásia

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Hanoi, the fascinating capital of Vietnam

When I arrived in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, I had already crossed the country from north to south (actually it was from south to north, I just said it backwards to sound prettier). So I was already well accustomed to the food, with the means of transport, with the local culture, with the way... Continue reading Hanoi, a fascinante capital do Vietnã

Asia, Philippines

Boracay, a paradise island in the Philippines

Before backpacking through Asia I had heard about Boracay. However, I had no idea in which country this place was. During the research I did months before the trip, I discovered that this is a paradise island in the Philippines. And since I was going to the Philippines, I... Continue reading Boracay, uma ilha paradisíaca nas Filipinas

Asia, Thailand

Khao Lak, a small village on the coast of Thailand

After a few months travelling through the countryside of Vietnam, Laos and northern Thailand it was finally time to continue the journey towards the paradise beaches that lie further south of the country. After so much time "swallowing" dust all I wanted in life was to go to the beach. So, due to the proximity with... Continue reading Khao Lak, uma pequena vila no litoral da Tailândia


10 maiores conquistas dos meus 20 anos

Trintei! Essa idade chegou! Semanas antes de completar meus 30 anos de idade, me peguei refletindo sobre todas as coisas que aconteceram na minha vida ao longo dessa última década. As minhas perdas assim como também as minhas conquistas. Cheguei até a fazer uma lista de tudo, mas se eu fosse colocar aqui o post… Continue reading 10 maiores conquistas dos meus 20 anos

Long Set Beach, Koh Rong
Asia, Cambodia

Koh Rong no Camboja: ilha intocada pelo turismo em massa

Se eu tinha uma certeza quando viajei para o Sudeste Asiático, era que queria conhecer o maior número de ilhas possíveis. De fato, as ilhas mais famosas do Sudeste Asiático são as ilhas da Tailândia. Mas quando eu ouvi falar que a (ainda) pouco conhecida pequena ilha Koh Rong no Camboja era um paraíso, achei… Continue reading Koh Rong no Camboja: ilha intocada pelo turismo em massa