198 Books, China

Livro da China – The Good Women of China | Projeto 198 Livros

Uma coisa é certa, o Projeto 198 Livros me ajuda a conhecer um pouco mais de cada país do mundo, mas ainda assim, não posso falar eu conheço um país depois de ter lido somente um livro. Principalmente em se tratando de um país com uma extensão territorial, diversidade cultural e étnica como a China.… Continue reading Livro da China – The Good Women of China | Projeto 198 Livros

198 Books, South Korea

South Korea Book - Please Look After Mom | Project 198 Books

This time who drew the book for Project 198 Books was Junior. I even showed how it went on my Instagram stories. I was so happy to see on the little paper that the next book would be from South Korea, because I'm already in love with this country without ever having travelled there... Continue reading Livro da Coreia do Sul – Please Look After Mom | Projeto 198 Livros

Asia, Thailand

Koh Phi Phi, famous island in Thailand of the movie 'The Beach'

Koh Phi Phi islands are probably the most popular and most visited islands in Thailand. One of them became world famous after being the setting for the movie The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio. Nowadays, thousands and thousands of tourists visit this island every year looking for a... Continue reading Koh Phi Phi, famosa ilha da ‘A Praia’ na Tailândia

Asia, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, what to see and do in Malaysia's capital

The first time I planned a trip to Asia, Thailand was already confirmed in my itinerary. But as I had 3 weeks of holiday and was going to travel to the other side of the world, I wanted to take the opportunity to include another Southeast Asian country in my itinerary. After researching... Continue reading Kuala Lumpur, dicas para o que ver e fazer na capital da Malásia

Asia, Itineraries, Vietnam

Hanoi, the fascinating capital of Vietnam

When I arrived in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, I had already crossed the country from north to south (actually it was from south to north, I just said it backwards to sound prettier). So I was already well accustomed to the food, with the means of transport, with the local culture, with the way... Continue reading Hanoi, a fascinante capital do Vietnã

Asia, Philippines

Boracay, a paradise island in the Philippines

Before backpacking through Asia I had heard about Boracay. However, I had no idea in which country this place was. During the research I did months before the trip, I discovered that this is a paradise island in the Philippines. And since I was going to the Philippines, I... Continue reading Boracay, uma ilha paradisíaca nas Filipinas

Asia, Thailand

My experience at an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai

When I went to Thailand for the first time I saw elephants in the tourist city of Krabi, carrying tourists on their backs, being beaten and mistreated. The second time I visited the country, I wanted to have contact with these animals but I wanted it to be in the least invasive way possible. If there is such a thing. I... Continue reading Santuário de elefantes em Chiang Mai na Tailândia

198 Books, Laos

Laos Book - Mother's Beloved | Project 198 Books

The coolest part of having drawn Laos in the Project 198 Books is that I've visited this country before, so it reminded me of my backpacking days around the country. While I was reading the book, I kept imagining the special places I had the opportunity to visit as I tried to fit the stories of the book into the scenarios I travelled through... Continue reading Livro do Laos – Mother’s Beloved | Projeto 198 Livros

Asia, Thailand

Khao Lak, a small village on the coast of Thailand

After a few months travelling through the countryside of Vietnam, Laos and northern Thailand it was finally time to continue the journey towards the paradise beaches that lie further south of the country. After so much time "swallowing" dust all I wanted in life was to go to the beach. So, due to the proximity with... Continue reading Khao Lak, uma pequena vila no litoral da Tailândia