FILIPINAS: lugares, roteiros e dicas

Manila, the chaotic capital of the Philippines

If there is a word that I found in the dictionary to describe Manila, the capital of the Philippines, I would say: chaos! Despite having spent only 2 days here, my stay was so intense that it is difficult to describe everything I saw, lived and felt in these 48 hours. I did a 6-month backpacking in... Continue reading Manila, a caótica capital das Filipinas

Boracay, a paradise island in the Philippines

Before backpacking through Asia I had heard about Boracay. However, I had no idea in which country this place was. During the research I did months before the trip, I discovered that this is a paradise island in the Philippines. And since I was going to the Philippines, I... Continue reading Boracay, uma ilha paradisíaca nas Filipinas